A Powerful Antidepressant – Rose Essential Oil

Rose-based essential oils have a very long history. The oil plays an integral part in aromatherapy. It serves as a mood elevating tonic and a healing supplement. Interestingly, rose essential oils are rich with rose petals! Yes, you read it right! The oil is made of healthy rose petals that are stored and processed carefully. You need several thousand pounds of rose petals to prepare this oil (just an ounce). The final quantity and quality depends on the rose plant used. Due to many reasons, rose essential oils are expensive. But, this price has not stopped aroma therapists from buying rose essential oils.

Do you know that rose essential oils are powerful antidepressants? Many aroma therapists use rose oils to alleviate depression. The oil is capable of boosting your mood. Jeanne Rose, a famous aroma therapist quotes that rose oil is capable of soothing your nerves. It calms the entire nervous system and keep you free from depression. The oil can be used in your baths and inhalations too! If you are suffering from fatigue or stress, you should use rose essential oils. A short massage with rose oils can do wonders!

The talk about rose essential oils will remain incomplete without its “aphrodisiac” properties. Cleopatra used rose petals to entice her darlings! The oil works by stimulating different parts of the body (especially the libido). Ayurveda practitioners have proved that rose can improve feeling of devotion, love and compassion. It helps in boosting a girl’s sexual desires too!

Last but certainly not least, rose essential oils are antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. This makes rose oil an ideal product against scrapes and minor cuts. Farnesol is an important chemical in rose oil. It is capable of killing bacteria and improving the quality of your skin. Farnesol can trigger the regeneration of skin. It fights against harmful bacteria and soothes the skin.

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Here are few well known uses for rose essential oils:

  1. You can use rosemary essential oil with eucalyptus and tea tree oil to eliminate smoke. Just fill your spray bottle with the oil and spray it around your home!

  2. Rose essential oils are useful in eliminating bad smells from your home. Diffuse rose, orange and clove essential oils before guest turn up!

  3. You can make a great bridal shower gift using this essential oil. The oil will be a powerful “love potion”!