Top 10 Best Oil Diffusers In 2017 Reviews

After long hours of work, it is very beneficial for your body to find the best place where you could relax your mind, your emotions, and your body. This relaxation cannot be attained alone in the right room, but this can be achieved with the most suitable relaxation techniques and objects. One of the objects that are advertised today and used for its health benefits are these oil diffusers that proven to give soothing psychological, physical and emotional effects to help yourself relax and become confident at all sort. To get the best oil diffuser product in the market, you better check these top 10 best oil diffusers in 2017 reviews, so you can find the best possible oil diffuser which you can use all around your home or office.


What to look for while Purchasing


i. Good water capacity

Different oil diffusers have different water holding capacity ranging from 60ml to 500ml. The water capacity is what determines the duration taken by the diffuser to mist. The small capacity operates for a shorter time hence not suitable for long hours tasks. However, if the price has pushed you to go for the small capacity, you can still use it for longer time diffusing by doing numerous refills. The only disadvantage with frequent refills is the inconvenience it causes and time wastage.


ii. Convenient misting runtime

The question on how long the diffuser will take is essential. In case you need a diffuser such as air freshener to stay as long as the guests are still in then, you can opt for the 3-4 hours runtime diffuser. However, 6-8 hours runtime diffuser is the ideal pick. Similarly, some have up to 10 or more hours run-time, although, this diffuser might not be continuous.


iii. Mood-boosting LED lights

Most of the best essential oil diffusers have colorful LED lights that boost the health benefits. In selecting the best, it is advisable to opt for soft and cool colors such as purple and blue. Such lights are known to reduce anxiety, especially after a long and tedious work. A combination with some soft scents such as vanilla or lavender would give you a proper relaxation. Besides, some have further features that would allow you to set the lights in auto on/off mode using timers.


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 iv. Wide aroma range

 A wide range of fragrance is perfect for any oil diffuser that is rated as good for purchase. Even though misting is limited to the immediate area, the aroma can, however, go some more feet. Basically, 250 square-feet is the most standard range and the most suitable for office, bedroom, bathroom. or small apartments. Therefore, the most powerful ones would cover an extent of about 400 square feet. Having known that, you need to understand and establish your preferred wide range and go for the relevant package.


v. Quiet operation

 Given that most oil diffusers produce some sound while operating such as whirling or splashing, some are too loud to cause bothersome noise. You need to go for the ones that are not too loud to cause interruptions of basic sounds such as TV sound. Some of the best oil diffusers in the market today operate very quietly and do not cause any interruptions whenever you are watching your best program.


vi. Easy maintenance

Buying most gadgets has never been an issue but maintaining the device. Given that nearly all the oil diffusers are made of plastic material, it is upon the user to ensure proper usage to enhance durability. Some of the best maintenance practice include ensuring that it is cleaned and kept properly after use. It is not advisable to over-tighten the gadget since it can cause breakage during closing and opening while refilling. When cleaning the inside, warm water, and vinegar is mostly desirable. However, some require a specific maintenance as per the manufacturer’s prescription.


vii. Safe auto-shut off

Sometimes the diffuser can run out of water when you are not around, that calls for an auto shut off feature. The feature enables the diffuser to go off when the water reaches a certain level. Furthermore, some models have a warning beep sound that would alert you before it shut automatically. This is a good feature although the beeping sound can be a nuisance when it is night and you are enjoying your sleep.