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After many centuries, essential oils continue to be used by millions of people who are convinced about their marvelous effects. In many different areas, these oils have demonstrated their extraordinary value....... Read More

In many different areas, essential oils have exceeded the expectations thanks to their effectiveness and remarkable benefits. The list of amazing uses we can give to these oils is long and offers us plenty of versatility, something we need in these days of abundant and often misleading information. In the following lines, we will try to briefly address the best uses you can possibly give to essential oils....... Read More

Essential Oils are quite versatile, they can be used as a natural mosquito repellents and pain relievers. However a new study has just supported that essential oils have the ability to assist in treatment of depression. Depression is a mental disorder that is common yet still serious. It affects how you think, act and feel on a daily basis. Oils are not a cure for depression and should not be used as an alternative to prescribed medications........ Read More

Also known as melaleuca oil, the tea tree essential oil offers us many different benefits, most of them related to freshness and cleanness. This fantastic oil is present in many eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your home due to multiple reasons......... Read More

Also known as melaleuca oil, the tea tree essential oil offers us many different benefits, most of them related to freshness and cleanness. This fantastic oil is present in many eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your home due to multiple reasons......... Read More

Here is one interesting fact: Frankincense oil is one of the oldest essential oils used by humans. According to historians, this amazing extract has been around for 4000 years, mostly for medicinal use, and it has an important note in the Bible when the Wise Men made their precious gifts to Jesus.......... Read More

Extracted from the cedarwood tree, this amazing oil can deliver all kinds of benefits to the users’ health. Many times being used to preserve skin’s health and beauty, most people ignore how valuable this essential oil can be to boost our performance, mainly in mental terms........... Read More

For many centuries, bergamot and its strong citrus scent have been used for many different preparations, including delightful colognes. Without a doubt, this is a special fruit with so many valuable properties........... Read More

I am so in love with this diffuser. I have to say honestly I have never had a diffuser before, but I loved the oils and always wanted one. I will tell you I have used it ever since I got it. You can set it for 1, 2 , 3 hours and I set for 3 hours every-time I add water and oils...... Read More

This is my second diffuser but the first of its kind as it is a glass diffuser. I had not seen one like this before since the first one I bought is a very cheaply made 2 part plastic diffuser. It works but it is in no way as good as this KoKo Aroma glass diffuser. This unique in design glass diffuser is a 3 part plug in diffuser...... Read More

This is such a beautiful diffuser and I'm really happy I purchased it at a discounted price. This diffuser is very easy to assemble and it also comes with instructions so that the assembly can be done quicker..... Read More

As most of you know, I love oil diffusers. I am a huge huge fan. I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest ones. I have run into some duds and then there are some studs! I recently came across a company called Koko Aroma......  Read More

Koko Aroma has created a very neat aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that also doubles as a night light so it is great for using in a child's room or nursery. The Athena essential oil diffuser even comes with a remote that allows you to turn the light on and off as well as set the light to a certain color or set it to cycle through all the colors...... Read More

This is the most beautiful diffuser I have ever seen!  Not only it is gorgeous but it works perfectly for Aromoatherapy and as a lamp too.  It's cool how you can change the the color of the lighting on the lamp.  I can change it to whatever mood I am in at that time.  I add 1 or 2 drops of any essential oil I have and my whole room is filled with the wonderful scent of that oil..... Read More

I have recently started using essential oils and was happy to receive this diffuser.

It is elegant looking and very easy to use.  You just some water inside~add your favorite oil and you are ready to go. No matter what look you have in your house this diffuser will fit right in..... Read More

Very easy to use, stylish diffuser with soft lighting. The top comes off and you fill with water and essential oil. It takes 100ml which is a little less than 1/2 cup of water with 2 to 3 drops of oil. You can set it with the remote to run in 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off which will allow for 6 hours of run time. If you run it continuously it should be about 3 hours of run time...... Read More

My family and I use a lot of essential oils. This goes hand in hand with using diffusers too. It’s the healthy way to get the benefits of essential oils while filling your home with wonderful scents. Store bought room fresheners are so unhealthy to use. They are just laden with harmful chemicals..... Read More

As a frequent user of oil diffusers, I can honestly say that this is by far the most elegant and beautiful of them all. The Eve glass diffuser by KOKO AROMA is perfect for any room of the home, as it is not only functional, but decorative as well! I personally keep mine on top of my tv stand, in the living room.This diffuser works just like any other diffuser...... Read More

Aromatherapy diffuser at its Best! Energize all of your senses and lift your

mood with the natural healing effects of pure essential oils...... Read More

If you’re an avid essential oil user, you may or may not have experienced the benefits of a diffuser for aromatherapy use.  Aromatherapy has been found to improve both the health and mood of people by stimulating the olfactory system, which can help to relax, calm, energize or soothe....... Read More

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