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KoKo Aroma: Essential Oils Beginner's Guide

June 30, 2015

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Interesting Facts About Frankincense Essential Oil

July 18, 2017

Frankincense has lots of significance in Christianity. It is one of the gifts offered by the “3 Wise Men” to Christ. In these modern days, Frankincense essential oil is not a part of religious practices. However, it is used for natural health and in aromatherapy. Frankincense is also identified as “Olibanum”. It hails from the plants Boswellia Carteri and Boswelia Sacra. It is a milky white sap from the bark. The sap hardens to a gum resin in few days. These trees grow in Arabian regions. This includes countries like Ethiopia, Oman, Yemen and Somalia. Oman is considered as an ancient and ideal source for Frankincense essential oils.




How does the essential Oil appear?


Frankincense essential oils of high quality are silvery and clear. However, you will come across varieties that have a slight green tinge. The cheaper and most common varieties are brownish-yellow in color. Oman stores its best Frankincense essential oils for the “Sultan”. This oil is very rarely shipped outside the country.


Frankincense essential oils are used for different purposes. In some parts of Egypt, the oil is mixed with charred Frankincense and used to produce heavy kohl. The oil is extremely famous for its slightly fruity, earthy, woody and spicy aroma. It is believed to have relaxing and calming effects on the user.

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Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense essential oil has many health benefits. The oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and astringent properties. Research has identified uterine, carminative, cicatrisant and emmenagogue effects too.

  1. The oil is a good medicine against rheumatoid arthritis. It can help in inhibiting the production of inflamed molecules. As a result, it prevents cartilage breakdown.

  2. People with respiratory disorders should make use of Frankincense essential oil. That is because it can relieve congestion easily.

  3. The oil’s antiseptic properties help in preventing mouth sores, bad breath and oral health problems.

  4. Frankincense essential oil stimulates the flow of food. It makes sure food flows through the intestines smoothly!


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Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil


Undeniably, Frankincense essential oil is used as a part of spiritual enlightenment. It improves spiritual awareness. Many doctors suggest their patients to keep Frankincense essential oil in their first aid kit. It plays an important role in the medicine cabinet. Also, few drops of Frankincense essential oil with lemon and myrrh will strengthen your nails. Indeed, it is a great element for nail care.

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