It really helped me alot!

"I've had my diffuser about a week now and I use it everyday. This little thing made so much difference in my sleeping. I did not have a nose bleed from dry air and no more stuffy nose either for about a week now. I use to wake up from my sleep due to dry nose I tried the nose drops but did not work. I also bought some lavander oil and what a difference that made in my room, it doesn't only smell great I really think it helps me sleep better too. I love this little humidifier and the fact that it has a quiet motor, two settings for the vapor and different color settings it's a no brainer. If you are in the market for a good quality, quiet room humidifier I would say give this little guy a try."




Perfect for my needs.

"I don't even know where to start. I signed up on Koko Aroma website and immediately received a discount code. Ordered the product on Amazon.com with NO issues. Product arrived quickly. Product is EXACTLY what is advertised. Basic plug and play diffuser. Perfect for my needs. Koko aroma stayed in constant (but not overbearing) contact with me as a customer - contacted me to make sure that the product arrived, followed up with a few hints on using/cleaning product and followed up to make sure I was enjoying and using the product with ease. I honestly cannot think of the last time as a customer I was so pleased with BOTH the product and the company. Life time advocate and customer of Koko Aroma! Way to go!"




Awesome aromatherapy diffuser!

"Awesome little diffuser for personal use. I bought it for home use (I'm a cosmetologist and have worked in spas), to set next to me in our living room. We have a rather large living room/ dining room combo area (maybe 16 x 16?) and my husband can smell it faintly from across the room (I hope that helps inquiries about room size) It sets on a half wall right to the side of my head and I can say is VERY quite, even while I'm reading and the tv is off. I'm amazed that it really only takes 3-4 drops of (high quality) essential oils for a fabulous aroma. I would say to those who posted they "couldn't smell it very well" that they check the quality of oils, I don't believe it is the fault of the diffuser. If you have a large room and are looking for a room freshener, buy two. If you are mostly looking to purchase for aromatherapy or a small bedroom, one is sufficient."




The best diffuser I ever had!

"The mist is very fine and cool, as stated. I was a bit worried not ever having a diffuser at home, if it would hurt surfaces. I have it setting on painted wood and leave it running most of the daytime and evenings and I have not seen any water or residue from the essential oils whatsoever. I will TELL my friends and family about this product."




The best essential oil partner.

"Love this little gem. I usually have it in our bedroom and put a few drops of essential oils in and it immediately fills the room. My 3 month old was congested - I put 3 drops of rosemary oil in, turned it on, and within 10 minutes, his chest was silent. That is what I call a miracle. Ive put it on every night since that he's been congested and it's the same results. It makes me feel safer that he can breathe better and he's not taking any medication. It's a huge hit in our house."




A diffuser that works well.

"Very happy with this product! I use it everyday. It doesn't leave any residual on the table. The lighting is soft & pretty. Disperses scent MUCH better than my candle and dish heater. I put about twice the drops of oil recommended and the whole house smells REALLY good haha. Looks beautiful. Easy to use and clean. Would definitely recommend this!"




My favorite diffuser.

"I purchased Koko aroma Essential Oil Diffuser based on reviews. So far I really like it. The fine mist it puts out is just enough, especially when the air is dry. I recently started to get into essential oils and thought this would be a great way to add scent into my home. I also use EO for concentration or relaxing, etc. This diffuser is my favorite way to dispense the oils. The lights are bright and kind of fun. It works really well."




A highly recommended aroma diffuser.

"This product has worked wonderfully. I would highly recommend it! I absolutely love it! I love being able to put any scent of essential oil in it! Did you know that Aromatherapy is very popular as a treatment for relieving stress? Even hospitals are using aromatherapy to relax their patients. Aromatherapy works on the central nervous system to relieve depression, anxiety and stress. Just walking into a room that has a pleasant aroma is always relaxing and very enjoyable! This diffuser provides enchanting aromas that distribute evenly. It will improve air quality by ionizing and humidifying."




Very happy with my purchase!

"I love this diffuser and use it just about everyday while I sleep. It fills the room with a lovely lavender scent and it is so relaxing. If you like essential oils, you will love the way this diffuser makes your house smell. It's easy to use and also beautiful when it is lit up. Very happy with my purchase. Works great."




Aroma diffuser with the best features!

"This diffuser is great. It's my first time buying and using a diffuser. I've seen many and this one is my best fit. It's easy to operate and clean. The shape is beautiful and I think the price you pay for it, is fair. I can bring it with me when I travel, I love this option. Many diffusers don't have that. I use mine everyday and it keeps working great. I would love to get another one in the future for different areas of my home. Good luck choosing a diffuser, if you choose this one, I think you won't regret it."





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